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Hello visitor!

I offer a range of services in the area of home computing and the internet.

1. Firstly, I can design a website like this one for you. I have tried to demonstrate all possible functionality that I can supply at the basic level. More is possible, but I didn't want to complicate things at this stage.

2. I can assist in many of the common problems encountered when using ones computer. For instance :-

          a) Assessing whether extra RAM (run time memory) is required to enable a computer to operate at a faster speed and to help in establishing what is required and to procure and install it.

          b) Helping to retrieve lost data in the case of a hard disk crash. I have contacts that have helped me in the past several times.

          c) Rebuilding computers (software not hardware), reinstalling operating system, transferring data, programs, utilities etc. to rebuilt system.

          d) Help in recovering from virus attacks.

My knowledge is built up from twenty years in the computer industry, which was at mainframe level followed and overlapped by over fifteen years exposure to the internet and PCs and laptops.


So, there you are. If you have any queries at all, please drop me an e-mail using the contact form on the next webpage (or phone me on my mobile 07735 623547) and I will endeavour to answer them. I believe my rates are very very competitive and you will surprised at how low they are. If I can't fix the problem I won't charge a fee.



As an example, it's possible to insert photo images almost anywhere you like and whatever size is required.



It's also possible to insert Youtube clips such as this. You can also insert your own-produced video clips but these can often use up a lot of the available space on the website so a better option is to upload to Youtube first.


 Documents in pdf format can be uploaded.

 Click here to see uploaded pdf file.





Here's hoping to hear from you, Maris